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TreeDrawFactory Class Reference

#include <treeDrawFactory.h>

Inheritance diagram for TreeDrawFactory:

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Detailed Description

This class builds Draw objects from a downloaded description. In the dataReceived method the type determined and the correct class is called to build an object from the data.

To add some new visual object type, add a protected method like tagGeometryPOI and insert it into tagGeomtry. The new object must be inherited from the Draw class.

Definition at line 18 of file treeDrawFactory.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void addDownloader (StopableDownload *drl)
virtual void dataReceived (const char *response, int size, const char *sender, int countParts, struct part_t *parts, void *userdata, ConnectNetworkService *cns, StopableDownload *download)
virtual void remove (Draw *draw)
virtual void removeDownloader (StopableDownload *drl)
virtual void stopDownloads ()
 TreeDrawFactory (GraphicsObjectsContainer *goc, ConnectNetworkService *cns, GLTestWidget *glwidget)

Protected Member Functions

void tagGeometry (QDomNode geometryNode, int msgid, const char *sender, ConnectNetworkService *cns)
Draw * tagGeometryGpsMark (QDomNode geometryNode, Draw *newDraw)
Draw * tagGeometryMapTree (QDomNode geometryNode, Draw *newDraw, bool &gocAdd)
void tagNavigation (QDomNode navigationNode, int msgid, const char *sender, ConnectNetworkService *cns)

Protected Attributes

QMutex downloadableMutex
int runningDownloads
StopableDownload ** runningDownloadsArray

Private Attributes

GLTestWidget * glwidget
GraphicsObjectsContainer * goc
std::map< long, Draw * > gocIDs
Draw * ignoreDraw
Geometry2D3DSphere sphere

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