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MapTileTreeNode Class Reference

#include <mapTileTreeNode.h>

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Detailed Description

This class represents one node in the data tree for the MapTile objects for one geometry object. It contains one core object that contains the data.

Definition at line 46 of file mapTileTreeNode.h.

Public Member Functions

void checkThisInterpolates ()
void decreaseInterpolationCounter ()
void deleteChild (int nr)
virtual void garbageCollect ()
void generateBoundingSphere ()
BoundingSphere * getBoundingSphere ()
MapTileTreeNodegetChild (int nr)
bool getChildInterpolates ()
int getChildnr (Point2DInt p)
MapTileTreeNodeCoregetCore (int nr)
int getCoreCount ()
MapPart getCornerNeighbor ()
bool getGenerated ()
float getInterpolationCounter ()
MapPart getNeighbor (int direction)
MapTileTreeNodegetParent ()
bool getRequested ()
bool getSelectedForDrawing ()
MapPart getSelectedNeighbor (int direction)
Point2DInt getSimpleTileCoordinates (int childnr)
Point2DInt getSimpleTileDirections (int direction)
bool getThisInterpolates ()
bool getVisible ()
bool getWasSelectedForDrawing ()
bool hasAnyChild ()
void informNeighborNodes ()
 MapTileTreeNode (MapTileTreeNode *parent)
void regenerateHeightfield (MapTileTreeNode *node, int direction, int level=0, Point2DInt offset=Point2DInt(0, 0))
void resetInterpolation ()
void setBoundingSphere (BoundingSphere bs)
void setChild (int nr, MapTileTreeNode *child)
void setCore (int nr, MapTileTreeNodeCore *core)
void setInterpolationCounter (float pos)
void setInterpolationDirection (bool in)
void setLastNeeded (unsigned long timenr)
void setSelectedForDrawing (bool select)
void setVisible (bool select)
void setWasSelectedForDrawing (bool select)

Public Attributes

int depth

Protected Attributes

bool childInterpolates
bool interpolationDirectionIn
bool thisInterpolates

Private Member Functions

int getThisChildnr ()

Private Attributes

BoundingSphere bs
MapTileTreeNodechild [4]
MapTileTreeNodeCorecores [2]
int interpolationcounter
unsigned long lastNeeded
bool selectedForDrawing
bool visible
bool wasSelectedForDrawing

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