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ConnectNetworkService Class Reference

#include <connectNetworkService.h>

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Detailed Description

This class connects the client to the agent system and can also retrieve data by using some other protocols like http.

Definition at line 37 of file connectNetworkService.h.

Public Slots

virtual void marketplaceConnected ()

Public Member Functions

void addDataReceivedListener (DataReceivedListener *drl)
virtual void addDownloader (StopableDownload *drl)
 ConnectNetworkService (const char *host, int port)
virtual void dataReceived (const char *response, int size, const char *sender, int countParts, struct part_t *parts, void *userdata, ConnectNetworkService *cns, StopableDownload *download)
virtual void deregisterWithDownloadable (Downloadable *downloadable)
void eraseMapHandler (long id)
void forwardMessage (const char *xmlresponse, long msgid, const char *sender, int countParts, struct part_t *parts)
long get (const char *xmlconnection, DataReceivedListener *drl, void *userdata=NULL, int timeout=10, bool allowCache=true)
TimedDataReceivedListener * getMapHandler (long id)
void getOne (const char *xmlconnections, DataReceivedListener *drl, void *userdata=NULL, int timeout=10)
QString getReceiver (const char *xmlconnection)
void push (ConnectNetworkServiceRequestQueueObject *obj)
virtual void registerWithDownloadable (Downloadable *downloadable)
virtual void removeDownloader (StopableDownload *drl)
virtual void run ()
void send (const char *receiver, const char *message)
virtual void setMaxRunningRequests (int maxRunningRequest)
virtual void stopDownload (Downloadable *downloadable)
virtual void stopDownloads ()

Protected Member Functions

void dequeue ()
virtual bool requestData (ConnectNetworkServiceRequestQueueObject *request)

Protected Attributes

QMutex downloadableMutex
bool downloadStopped
QMutex mapHandlerMutex
int maxRunningRequests
< ConnectNetworkServiceRequestQueueObject * > 
QMutex queueMutex
int runningDownloads
StopableDownload ** runningDownloadsArray
int runningRequests

Private Member Functions

char * chooseConnection (const char *xmlconnections)
void getURL (const char *xmlconnection, long currentMessageID, bool allowCache)
void parseDocument (int countParts, struct part_t *parts, char *sender)

Private Attributes

< DataReceivedListener * > 
struct part_t parts [100]
QValueVector< QueuedMessage > preConnectMessages
QTime requesttime
char sender [255]
< ServiceFoundListener * > 
ServiceLib sl

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