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Navigator Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void accelerate (float factor)
void elevate (float angle)
void elevateUp (float factor)
void forward (float factor)
void forwardOnSurface (float factor)
Point3D getDirection ()
Point3D getEarthIntersection (Point3D direction, Point3D viewer)
Point3D getUp ()
Point3D getViewer ()
void moveToPosition (Point3D mark, Point3D dir, Point3D up, bool lowerquality=true)
void rotate (float angle)
void rotateLeftRight (float angle)
void rotateOnSurface (float angle)
void setDirection (Point3D newDirection)
void setUp (Point3D newUp)
void setViewer (Point3D newViewer)
void step (float steps=0.1f)
void stop ()
void stopAutoNavigation ()
void strafe (float factor)
void strafeOnSurface (float factor)
void strafeUpDown (float factor)

Public Attributes

Point3D direction
float speed
Point3D up
Point3D viewer

Private Attributes

float autoNavDistance
bool autoNavigation
float autoNavPos
float autoNavStep
QTime autoNavTimeLastFrame
Geometry2D3DSphere gSphere
float savedMAXTILESIZE
Point3D sourceDir
Point3D sourceMark
Point3D sourceUp
Point3D targetDir
Point3D targetMark
Point3D targetUp

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file navigator.h.

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